Saturday, December 13, 2014

Venice and Paris, Here I Come!

I get to travel to two of the most stunning places on earth, (well that's my opinion).  It was amazing to discover this trip, (thank you sister, for sending me the link). I planned to go to Europe next year, but now my travel plans slightly took a different turn. I wanted and needed to get away from everything.  I needed time to think to feel alive and to connect to art and energy.  And I wanted to see my friend again.  Yes Maggy, that's you I am talking about.  I have been working so much and have been incredibly patient for things to improve and change and energize my life, that when this trip appeared I knew it was time to allow myself to have this reward. 

This is a group trip that is focusing on an art itinerary travel!  One of the wishes I had, was to travel in an art group.  I thought it would be a travel art group to New Mexico or somewhere out west, but it is in Europe.  I love Europe for the buildings, culture, people, fashion, art, history etc. 

This sassy girl is going to be in Paris France to see Notre Damn, Louvre, Eiffel Tower, boat ride on Seine and learn how to make pastries, yes make pastries in Paris France.  It's a dream.

Notre Dame ~ Paris, France.      So beautiful so grateful to have seen this is person
Eiffel tower, Paris.
I want to return to Angelina, oh the pastries!  I get free time, maybe I will smell my way there!  Maggy?!  I need directions!  Hopefully, I get to see you again, that would be very nice. Tea and chocolate at Angelina!
I have been to Paris so many times and I have never been to this place. I need to go in October. La Maison Angelina, Paris

Maybe I should just move there?

Okay the Keep Calm mutation meme has jumped the shark.NO. Okay, no no no no no. History people, know your history. Moving to Paris during the actual historical era of the original Keep Calm poster would have been a very bad idea INDEED. *mumble grumble mumble*

And then there is Venice...a few days in Venice, to see lace making, glass blowing and make your own mask, yes, make your own mask in Venice Italy.  Oh my, yet another thing, I wanted to do, but only imaged, was to live as an artist in a shop in Venice creating masks.  Wow and here I get to do it on this trip.  I am blessed! God, Thank You!

Venice, Italy...This is now one of my favorite cities on Earth.  It was so beautiful and busy at the same time.
Venice, Italy - because who doesn't want to take a ride in a gondola?
We may even get a gondola ride...yea!

 Piazza San Marco (St Mark's Square), is the principal public square of Venice, Italy
Ca' Macana - Ca'macana

Burano, Veneto, Italy

Can you see me living in this colorful building?
Lido di Jesolo Venice, Italy

We will be staying at this resort.

I am excited and very fortunate to experience this art trip.  I have been wanting to get more involved with art again, and this is a great pathway for it.  Grateful for this.  You would think by going on Pinterest to get these pics has decreased my excitement?  NO WAY!  It is making me bounce off the walls in excitement.

June cannot come fast enough! 

Inspiration is around the corner for more art work from me.


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  1. Oh, Venice, such a lucky, lucky girl! Of course, I'll give you directions to Angelina... I think I haven't been there for ten years or so... But I can still remember where it is! We'll see as soon as we both have a more detailed schedule if we can meet there! Angelina might not have changed... But I have a few more wrinkles!