Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rest for Creativity

It's been a long moment.  I have no excuse about where my art is, except that I just can't get the creativity flowing. 
I have been busy at work, preparing for an intern to start learning how to facilitate individual counseling sessions, focus on private practice, cleaning my house, walking my dog, and trying to rest.
Today I woke up to a spring snow. A great day to be at home, but work must be done and clients need to be seen.
Art from nature...(okay, I'm cheating, I don't have any of my art to show)

This was taken on Sunday.  I was excited to buy the first patio flowers for this spring.  

Would you mind sitting with me? I would love your company on my patio talking about random topics.

Don't blink! 
It's a spring snow today.

Pray my flowers have inner strength(like the person who planted them,  hey that's me!) to survive this cold spell. 

Fifi waiting on me, I really don't want to walk her in this cold, didn't we do this for the past 6 months? Am I  moving back in time? I thought we were to discover the future!  Yikes. 

There's something beautiful about this photo. Delicate pink flower standing tall in this soft thin layer of snow. 

Art in nature is beautiful. 
Enjoy your day.

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  1. So sorry to read about your snow so late in the season, but the picture of the pink hyacinth with that white ground is beautiful.