Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sewing Sunday

It been a long time since I published what I have been making. The reasons it took me awhile is because, I have been exhausted from work, adjusting to changes in my life, and became very ill for the past month. 

Today is the first day I have felt more like myself.

I had this sewing since August. I bought it when I was in Tennessee for my aunt's funeral.  There isn't much to do, but yet so much to do in Tennessee, that I needed something to keep my mind occupied when we weren't cleaning my aunt's home. Then life changed more, I became upset at some things that took me by surprise, and couldn't concentrate on sewing.  It seemed everything unimaginable happened. This sewing stayed in a bag untouched all winter, I tried to sew every now and then, but no luck.

Then the exhaustion from work and the anxiety and sadness hit me again, and then I became ill.

what have I learned: to rest!
And now I am taking my time trying not to rush and instead enjoy my moments more often.
This sewing will go into a frame, that will be painted and embellished with buttons.

I will return to the other sewing. I also have a painting that needs to be finished. This time, I won't rush or exhaust myself with other parts of my life. 

From August til now, I learned that I need to Live Love and Laugh, just like the sewing I just completed!

Funny how things happen in our life, no coincidence that I chose this sewing, I needed it in more ways than one.

I wish other coincidences in my life would come true! Perhaps they will.

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