Saturday, July 18, 2015

Color Life

How does one color their life? 
For the last month, everyday I have seen a butterfly, whether it is outside or at a store or from an email attachment.  My friends tell me this is starting to be freaky. I always had a spiritual connections, this time I feel even more connected.  Everyday we have signs given to use, and the sign that is connecting to me is a butterfly.

The butterfly is my inspiration for the next drawing.  In fact I can see this as a series of drawings based on this lovely insect.
If you know anything about my art, color and shape are the focus. Take a look at the colors and shapes from these butterfly photos...
Now my art:
This first drawing is taking the shapes and colors and enlarging them.  (I have more ideas for the next drawings.)
Did you say, wait this does not look like a butterfly...of course I have to use my other inspiration who was the best at turning something concrete into a creative piece...Picasso.
I believe, there is a change happening for me.  (About time as some would say.) But I also believe that the butterfly is my deceased mother from heaven saying "hi" to me and guiding me through this change, for all I know it could be the whole gang up there that I miss!  I certainly need her, more than anyone would ever know.
Here are a few quotes that are beautiful to think about...
Every time I see a butterfly, I look up to the heavens and say thank you. 

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  1. Your drawing is beautiful and even if it's not a butterfly per se, it does totally remind me of their wings.