Sunday, February 14, 2016

Home Decorating with Art

I started decorating recently,  making tiny changes.
Here are pictures that show what I did. I love crates as book shelves. Gives my place a little country, in the city. Country never leaves, even though I am now a city girl.

Sand crates. I bought these at a craft store.

Pick your stain color. Mine is navy.

I found using one brush for staining then the other for smoothing it for a shabby look.

This corner of my dining area has not been decorated. I hide my laptop on this tv tray, but I know I could do better. 
Strangly this is not a photo bomb. Luna gave me a great idea.

These cook books are my aunt's, and the storage was also my aunt's. I brought this home from Tennessee.
So, I look the crates and stacked them. Put the books on it. Placed it in the corner of my dining area and used my aunt's scarf to decorate the top. With my Eiffel tower and cast iron teapot.
Nope not photo bomb, instead this made me laugh. Foxy is worried, because the cat food was in here.
But it is now in my aunt's storage box, hidden in a pretty box now as a piece of art!

And that's being creative with what you have.
The total cost was $30. Two crates and stain and brushes. 

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  1. Love your idea to use crates to create a bookshelf. I see you have about as many cans of cat food as I do!!!