Saturday, June 25, 2016

Terra Cotta Summer

It's been many months since I wrote a post.  Busy with life, mainly trying to stay balanced with the many changes I have been through.

I bought new house plants.  I recently took a new job, and need some plants to bring life in my office. But let me be honest. I don't like ordinary pots and plants!

Here are the plants I bought. (I was planning to buy one...)

The  cactus. I always wanted a cactus.  The tiny pot is boring. 

And below Croton 

Here's the pins for inspiration all found on Pinterest. 
It's nice, not really what I was thinking about. 

Love, fun design and fun colors.

It's nice, but those colors are common.

Simple and cute


I would do this, if I was allowed to put a birdbath outside of my townhouse. 

Below is awesome. Love it! 
Love the feet on it! 

More of what I am thinking

Nice and simple 

Terra cotta coasters, such a cute idea. Maybe my next project. 

I just started priming the terra cotta...

To be continued...paint needs to dry.

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