Saturday, January 2, 2016

Painting with Attraction

Yesterday was the first day of 2016.  It was a day, where my motivation and energy was extremely low.  So I decided to stay inside and paint on a canvas.  I played a video about positive thinking and the MetaPhysical Secret-Law of Attraction while I painted.  I needed to clear my mind and think about what I would like to work on this year.  I am not really focused on loosing weight (I have been without trying) and I don't want to focus on saving money (because when you have student loans, a car payment and mortgage and credit bills to pay, haha that's funny, save money) I want to do better thinking about how I do spend what I have.  But besides those typical goals, I was looking to go deeper.
As I listened to this film, I noticed that I need to be more optimistic and go for higher goals.  I tend to limit my goals.  So the big goal is to publish an art book.  I have been drawing pictures of animals and thought about putting it into an adult coloring book, since this is the rage in America right now.  But I want to go further, I want to write a story and illustrate it.  I thought about stories with having to take care of yourself (digging from my mental health counselor background) then I thought about a media and techniques book about art therapy. 
Which one do I like the most: the drawings of animals and put them into a story.
So now I need to spend some money on a graphic computer to put this into production!  I want to take this step, but something is still blocking me.  As the film explains, It is myself that is blocking me.
Back to the creating part of this blog, the painting I was making while thinking about my dream  goals was this:  I randomly placed colors of paint and placed them on the canvas.  There was no sketch, no pre-thought about how this painting should look.  It was all about expression.

The canvas became too wet to add more, so I relaxed then later in the evening fell ill to a sinus cold.  As I am posting this, my head is throbbing and all I want is a vanilla milkshake to soothe my throat.  So the painting remains until I return to listen to more about the law of attraction videos that are on Youtube. 
Ask, Believe, Receive
Dream Big

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  1. So sorry about the cold hitting you on this new year. If I may, no milkshake if this is sinus infection - I'd avoid milk for a few days if I were you. Here's too a clear year (clear sinuses, clear ideas...)