Saturday, January 23, 2016

Repurpose Calendar

Today I needed to be in the art studio. I couldn't find any media that I wanted to use. It was a day of sorrow and tears.
I had this calendar that I loved, I decided to paste the calendar pictures onto a canvas.

I used 6"x6" canvas

This is the calendar I used. (Thanks Maggy)

Supplies needed are mod podge, glue, calendar pictures, canvas-size depends on your canvas 

Also needed are a ruler and xacto knife.

Maybe a cat is needed to get in your way as you wanted to take pictures. 
Cut the pictures out and glue onto the canvas.  After it dries put a layer of mod podge over it to seal. Then if you want paint the sides of the canvas.

Since my cat was on the drying table, here are the finished results, taken on a not so pleasing table.

She likes to be near me when I am in tears. She might sleep all day. But she knows when I am sad.  And who could move her when she's such a good cat? 

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  1. I'm sorry that it was such a sad day to you. I thought about you as I know the next days are going to be difficult. But it made you creative and I love your idea to save pictures you loved... I might do the same!