Friday, January 1, 2016

Stitching to the New Year

The last day of 2015 was a day of calming and laziness.  It was getting cold and freezing drizzle, so it makes leaving a warm colorful home not realistic. So I curled up in my blankets, put on HGTV programs and watched Caribbean homes. While my cats and dog slept.  I decided I will retire in Barbados, blame the show for that! 
I have been working on a new blanket, not sure why, I just felt like it.  I decided to pick white and blue and gray as the yearn colors.  Not sure why either.  It just looked calming to me.
I only know one stitch for crochet... a slip stitch. (however, I think this stitch is named something else, but I don't remember) I learned it from a nice elderly lady, when I worked at the nursing home, she said it is simple and that I will always remember how to do it) I will try to learn a new stitch sometime, but I really like the look of this stitch.  It is close together and has a elegant and simple look to it. It reminds me of French knots in embroidery. 
below: (the green blanket is the one I recently finished)
 Happy New Year. Welcome to 2016-Be nice to us!!!

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  1. The blanket looks lovely and the colours you chose are perfect! Have a great year... with no other resolution than to enjoy every moment!