Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Week of an Art Journal

This is the first full week of dedicating time to an art journal. Unfortunately because of my work schedule, I did not have the mental energy to make any art on a few days.
Below, this was done using a scribble drawing in crayon, then watercolor over it.  I went back on it to add more detail.
This one began with a magazine page that was painted with gesso, I dried it before I worked on.  Then took markers and followed the shapes that was left after the gesso dried.  Then used watercolor to paint in the areas.
Do you see an elephant?  It must be my love of elephants, coming out externally! Such spiritual animals.
"Venus with Men" I guess this is about the Roman Goddess, who encompassed love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and desire. 
Whatever or wherever my head was while making this art journal entry, I really like it. 
 This art journal page was used with a fabric that can be painted on.  I pasted it on the journal page, then took gesso pages of a magazine and pasted it over the fabric. After that was dried, I used a marker and scribbled shapes. Then splattered colors of acrylic paint onto the page and smeared it with a blank paper.
Below are the smeared markings of the above painting.
I have been busy lately, keeping up with every day tasks.  I will return to the art journal, possibly tonight. stay tuned. 

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