Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Art Journal

I began a new journal of art work.  It will comprise of art done in a journal.  These art pieces will range from various thoughts that will be drawn in less than 30 minutes.  It will be my escape to unwind from my day.  The journal may not be drawn in everyday, but that is the goal.
Art journaling is not a new concept, however it has taken a new form.  Some use standard art journals, others use books they find at various stores that is sold very cheap and some will make their own pages and bind it together by sewing the seams.  Currently I am using a standard journal, since I had one already.
As for the media, it is whatever you want.  My first entry used dry medias, crayon and marker. However, an entry can consist of magazine pictures or words, fabric, thread, newspaper, basically any mixed media
Lastly, an art journal is a way to have free expression. Anything goes.  It is not necessarily a journal to sketch the next drawing or painting or sculpture. However, there could be great ideas for a formal painting by using an art journal concept.
This type of technique is used in art therapy.  Since, that is my profession as well as being an artist, this comes natural to me to use this concept to explore more of my thoughts. 
Journal I am using... below is the first entry.
There are many good sites about art journals on Pinterest.

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