Friday, August 7, 2015

Personalizing My Week

This art journal idea was a perfect idea, because of my week and how I had to use every counseling skill ever learned this week.  Wow, is all I can really say.  I am never amazed there is one more case that is unbelievable to the ears.  I never thought to see a case as the one I experienced recently.  Such a small percentage of psychotherapist ever see a client such as this.  And here I am working with this case.  I feel blessed and I feel tired from what my ears heard. 
There are so many remarkable people out there, the resilience is overwhelmingly amazing to witness. I am very proud of my clients.  I am proud to be in this field, but let me to honest, I am beyond exhausted, my ears have heard enough and my brain is running to the max that it is finally slowing down (thanks to the sleep aid).  
So this art journal entry is the fatigue and exhaustion from a challenging week.  The colors are deep and darker than what I use. 
First I used bright colors, then I quickly used dark colors.  Wow, doesn't that show you my emotion?!  There is still a hidden of bright color, just trying to peek out.  Oh my, how this art journal is showing my thoughts and emotion. 
Then I found magazine words to convey a deep meaning.  "Freedom of Personalization."  That statement sums up this week working in the counseling field.  Personalization is taking anything that happens and reflecting it upon yourself.  How many clients said something this week, that I emotionally reacted to in my quiet and demure way?  I never broke down and cried. But I quickly found someone to debrief this week.  And this debriefing continues today.  Only once did I come close to having tears shown, so I am thankful, it is the end of the week.  I get to unwind and let go of these cases for a few days. 
The picture below is my plan for tomorrow.  Except, I am going shopping! My poor spoiled cats don't have any dry food left.
And thank you sleep aid, because sleep is the only productive thing I feel will be successful tonight.
As  always, I work very hard and have no play!  I need to do something about that.
Until the next art journal entry, Good Night.

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  1. This page of your journal explains how you feel as well as your words... I'm putting "sleep" on my to-do list for tomorrow as well!