Saturday, August 29, 2015

Painting Journal Entry

This week the art journal consists of painting on journal pages.  The only items needed are:

Art journal
acrylic paint
brushes or anything that resembles something that can be used as a "brush"

Each evening I painted onto a white page of the journal, using colors to express my day or just the mood I was experiencing at that time. instead of a typical paint brush, I used an old plastic card to swipe the paint across the paper.  It adds a cool color mixture when the paint blends together.

This is the final entry. After the entry dried, I used marker and crayon to add detail over the acrylic paint.

The entries below will be done with that same process, however, I have been busy with "life" that this was pushed to the side this week.  Between seeing clients and maintaining my own balance, my days were long at work, with many clients coming in, which is a positive thing, but it was just one of those weeks as a mental health therapist! Some clients used art therapy in the session, which was a nice change to the typical talk therapy session.

Anyway, in time, I will show you the final of these acrylic painting journal entries:


Until next time...

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