Thursday, January 1, 2015

Faith,Dinner, and Art

January 1, 2015! It finally arrived.  2014 was not a good year, although it was a year of identifying my strengths and faith, but it definitely gave me a share of disappointments. 
Today I went to Mass, which was part of my plan to celebrate 2015.  The topic was about having love, faith and hope even when tragedy is taking place.  I can look back and say, even though I had disappointments and felt discouraged, I continue to love, have faith and hope.  Today, the priest validated that focusing on love and positives can get a person through anything.  And that is my New Year challenge, is to maintain my love, faith and hope no matter what happens on my journey for 2015.
To celebrate 2015, which is a joyous year, look what is on my dining room table...
Okay, so I bought it myself, that happens when you live a single life.  Buying these primroses are a gift to myself, because no matter if I have tears in my eyes for sadness or joy, I love myself. 
If you know me well, I am not much of a meat eater.  In fact I prefer vegetarian meals/seafood. So the traditional pork and sauerkraut is not on my menu for the New Year. This is what I made:
  It consisted of a glass of wine.  I certainly didn't have enough last night!!!
Salmon pinwheels with seafood stuffing, rice and asparagus. 
I enjoyed it with the company of my flowers and music.
After dinner, I found myself in front of my canvas.
Here are some previews of my second painting...

It still needs many more layers of colors.  I am not proud of this painting right now.  Maybe once there are more layers?? maybe.
7 Inspiring Quotes for Celebrating the New Year....the 2nd one is my favorite, but they are all good
Make art and love,






  1. I'm pretty sure single girls get more flowers than others: because we buy them for ourselves, while others wait for them to be offered, which doesn't happen that often! Happy New Year and New Beginnings!

  2. It's another dream of mine to get flowers from a man who adores me, ah, I guess in Hollywood movies! Life as a dreamer!