Sunday, January 25, 2015

I need...

This week I started using this little sketch book I bought recently for Zentangle drawings.  It's a pocket book size.
My thought awesome it would be to make a daily calendar with a Zentangle drawing?!  Uhmmm...a concept I definitely can execute.  Along with those Zentangle drawings, a quote will be attached. I definitely can find a quote, but terrible at recalling how the quote was written.  Thanks to Pinterest for many available quotes.
This sketch book comes with me to work as well as my pens. I can't leave home without my art supplies! 
Somehow between work, yoga, sewing, painting and planning another project I found a table for the art studio in my home.  Not my ideal table, but it's a table. 

I placed a plastic covering on it to protect the surface. 
I have two paintings in the photo that desperately needs to be worked on.  I have been too busy lately!  Maybe a few days off from work would be best.
Now my Pinterest inspiration to redo this table...
I just love curtains under tables - perfect quick hiding spot for kid's toys and 'junk'!
Love the skirt and colors. 
 Before & After: Retro Card Table Redo, putting laminate on fabric tutorial.
I like the idea of painting the top of the table. It may distract me from my art though. Yes, yes it will distract me.
Transforming an old card table chair to a sassy desk chair in your choice of color/fabric - Kristian
How many of us have chairs like this?  How pretty is it now?
Now I will be off to walk my dog in this lovely cold lightly snowing day.  Then come back home finish laundry, sew and cook dinner.


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    1. It is a brilliant idea, isn't it! I wonder how I will fit that in with all those projects!?