Sunday, January 11, 2015

Age of Art

It is today that I turn 39 years old and spent it making art and drinking wine while clearing my head. 
As I type this I am watching one of my favorite movies, "The Age of Innocence."  Is there really anything so innocence about age or love and life?  During the era this movie/story by Edith Wharton, takes place, men would send their lady flowers with a note.  It's so romantic.  I guess that is their form of our text messaging?! Except texting isn't really all that romantic, unless the guy is a romantic charmer. Anyway, what does this have to do with art?  If you watch the movie, there is so much art in it, it is a feast for the eyes, music for the ears and thought provoking statements about life and love.  The art found in the movie is in paintings, sculpture, architecture, home décor, scenery, fashion, food, hair styles, words that they seem so naturally use as poetry.
"We can't behave like people in novels, though, can we?" —The Age of Innocence, by Edith Wharton
Evidently, I am to spend another birthday single and in a quiet place.  Celebrating a number?  No, I am celebrating patience.  Faithful and patience with life and how the story is being written, and allowing it to be written. Just going along with it one step at a time and one paint stroke at a time. I wonder what Edith Wharton would write to described my paintings?
As I allowed my mind to think about "my story," I painted with the flow of thoughts using colors that emotionally connected to my thoughts.
I used a new technique that I read about.  Using baby oil and oil pastels and soft pastels.  The baby oil is used to spread and blend the colors. 
These are the supplies:

First I draw a scribble, it helps me to start painting colors on the white velvet paper.


As I layer the colors, the baby oil is used to blend the oil pastels and soft pastels.  Water is not used in this technique.  You can't mix oil and water!  Water can be used with soft pastels.  I did not want to use any water for this painting. 

This painting is not completed.  I am never finished this quick with a painting.
These are close-up views of the colors:


Until I finish...I have an announcement!
My art has been Pinned!!!!
These are the pins someone thought were
What a nice birthday present, to have my art pinned. :) 
Another kiss from God, telling me to keep making art. 
I am grateful to have made someone smile with my art.  Thank you!
You can find me on Pinterest, Caroline C.


Owl zentangle
Stay tuned for more...
Make Art,

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  1. Oh, Caroline, with the dreadful events in France lately, I forgot everything else. May I just wish you here a late happy birthday? I'm going to send you a private e-mail asap.