Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Lines/New Life

"She couldn't keep her colors inside the lines so, she drew new lines."

This quote helps to explain where I am in my life.  I am trying to draw my lines in this life.  On the outside I seem to have it all, I have the education, the career, the home, the style, the beauty, the fitness, the intelligence.  However I lack the happy joy of being in an art environment, teaching art to college level students and lack an intimate relationship, lack of going to art galleries and museums.  What I lack, is what I am praying about and have faith it will happen. 

The walls have been suffocating me.  Exhaustion of working a 9-5 job that is not creative is starting to make my bones drag.  Even though I can use some creativity in my job, it is still not what my soul craves.  I am really getting numb listening to everyone's problems.  Being a counselor is no longer a joy, it is more of a must listen, must write a treatment plan, must deal with complaints because my feedback came out wrong, and must deal with chronic clients.  Burn out?  Most definitely!

The dream of having an art studio where I can teach art and have a gallery for shows for my students and me would be ideal.  To be able to do this for a living and sustain my life would be a blessing.

Let me dream, hear my prayers, let it come true!
What a great work space.

Art take me away!

For now I create my paintings in a bedroom designed for a studio, lately I have been painting these smaller canvas' on my dining room table.  If only I can find a table for the studio, I would be in there, plus it is warmer in that bedroom!

Here are the paintings:

For the most part, it is finished, or in French: Ce est fini. or in Italian E'finito.  (I am reviewing French and learning Italian, so I can at least attempt to use it, when I get to Paris and Venice this summer!)  I will know in two weeks if this group travel is filled and we will be going!  I have faith it will happen!
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  1. Keep painting: pens and paint brushes are weapons that don't kill!