Thursday, January 15, 2015

Time Goes Slow

Waiting,  feeling lonley and walking in a daze are my feelings today.  Typically I would paint this emotion instead I'll share art that shows these emotions.
Edward Hopper's art always gives me the feeling of longing; longing for something; perplexed about something, in a daze about something. 

I've been waiting patiently for something that I am beginning to accept will not happen. Perhaps I am wrong, I don't know.  I am perplexed.  Something wonderful came in my life and unexpectedly it's gone.  It's hard to wrap my head around it. Why enter when it will leave? What's the lesson?
I know that it's sort of a somber picture, but I always want to know what she's thinking.  Reminds me f travel for admissions. Solitary, sort of  lonely, but maybe not sad.
As I ask, I walk in a daze of how this is possible instead it continues to hurt my heart. The less I try to think about it the more my heart cries. One answer, one reply, one thought, one direction is all I asked.  I'm waiting for the next day in hopes it can give me the answer, the reply, the thought or the direction.  I have been faithful, prayerful and patient, and shall remain so. I'll wait in silence so I won't wake myself up from the reality.  "If only," as 'they' say. 'Don't wait' they say. 'Move on, forget about it' they say.  "Is there something else, find something else," they say. 
I say silently,  "I have faith it will happen."
Edward Hopper, “Summer Interior,” 1909
Are you patiently waiting for something?  I know I didn't state exactly what I'm waiting for,  I will keep that private.  However we are all waiting and praying for something.
Square Rock, Ogunquit, 1914 Edward Hopper
And maybe one day, I can share with the world that my prayers were answered.  My heart is not broken, instead my heart is beating and open to receive the answer. 
Possibly my favourite Edward Hopper painting - who hasn't felt that yearning feeling while looking out of a window?
One day, it shall happen. 

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  1. I think it hurts when we try to find a meaning to everything that happens: sometimes it just doesn't have a meaning, or at least not one that human beings can understand.