Monday, December 29, 2014

One Stitch at a Time

During a few days off for Christmas, I spent time cross-stitching.  I started this in August.  It helped me get through a difficult time on a long southern evening.  My mom taught me to cross stitch when I was about 8 years old. It is something I will always do. It's great to do when I need to relax. One thing about this type of sewing,  you need patience and time. It takes a long time to complete. 
Here is my current stitching...

Love and make art 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Missing You At Christmas

This post to to wish you a happy Christmas. And to remember those who are no longer here with us.

I received an email from a colleague who sends daily thoughts to us. This is what I opened this morning, tears entered my eyes...

Missing You At Christmas

Every day without you,
Since you had to go,
Is like summer without sunshine, 
And winter without snow.

I wish that I could talk to you,
There's so much I would say,
Life has changed so very much,
Since you went away.

It's important to tell everyone you love them, we have only one life let's make it wonderful.

Peace and Love


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Waiting Always Waiting

Today this painting waits to be finished.  There's two reasons, one, I repaired some smears and have to wait for it to dry and I am unsure where to go with it.  Is it finished, should there be more layers of colors?  I will sip my tea and sleep on it for a few days.  In other words, I shall wait to decide.

Of course I started a new painting during this process...this is a series of two paintings, that will be hung next to each other. 

It all began with this...
Then this...
This is not over, never is, layers will be developed and shapes will be added.  Waiting again, for another layer to be developed.
To be continued...
In the future I will be working on a painting using this paper. I will be trying a new technique.  Oh no, I certainly won't share that technique in this post.  Stay tuned.  Now I have you waiting!
This is a Velvet Fine Art Paper, don't let it fool you, like it did me.  It is not velvet.  Don't believe everything you read.  This is another disappointment because I have been searching for velvet paper.  It is out there, but I am having a difficult time to find it.  So I will put this out in the universe and hopefully my prayer will be answered, Please help me find my way to that awesome velvet paper I was introduced to a few years ago, you know the one that comes in all kinds of colors. 
So I will search in this catalogue this week.
I am just a lady waiting for a few things. I will return to the paintings later this week.
 Enjoy Christmas Day!
Love and Make Art

Sunday, December 14, 2014

50 Shades of Colors

The next painting I am working on is on panel using gouache paint.  Gouache is a chalky and thicker paint than watercolor, but not exactly acrylic paint. 
Here are the photos from current to the beginning of this painting being executed.
Day 3-Currently it is drying.  Another layer will be added once it is dried.  It will become more detailed.

Day 2
Day 1

The music that was played, while painting was from a CD, found from the library titled:
Fifty Shades of Grey: The Classical Album
Love and Make Art

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Venice and Paris, Here I Come!

I get to travel to two of the most stunning places on earth, (well that's my opinion).  It was amazing to discover this trip, (thank you sister, for sending me the link). I planned to go to Europe next year, but now my travel plans slightly took a different turn. I wanted and needed to get away from everything.  I needed time to think to feel alive and to connect to art and energy.  And I wanted to see my friend again.  Yes Maggy, that's you I am talking about.  I have been working so much and have been incredibly patient for things to improve and change and energize my life, that when this trip appeared I knew it was time to allow myself to have this reward. 

This is a group trip that is focusing on an art itinerary travel!  One of the wishes I had, was to travel in an art group.  I thought it would be a travel art group to New Mexico or somewhere out west, but it is in Europe.  I love Europe for the buildings, culture, people, fashion, art, history etc. 

This sassy girl is going to be in Paris France to see Notre Damn, Louvre, Eiffel Tower, boat ride on Seine and learn how to make pastries, yes make pastries in Paris France.  It's a dream.

Notre Dame ~ Paris, France.      So beautiful so grateful to have seen this is person
Eiffel tower, Paris.
I want to return to Angelina, oh the pastries!  I get free time, maybe I will smell my way there!  Maggy?!  I need directions!  Hopefully, I get to see you again, that would be very nice. Tea and chocolate at Angelina!
I have been to Paris so many times and I have never been to this place. I need to go in October. La Maison Angelina, Paris

Maybe I should just move there?

Okay the Keep Calm mutation meme has jumped the shark.NO. Okay, no no no no no. History people, know your history. Moving to Paris during the actual historical era of the original Keep Calm poster would have been a very bad idea INDEED. *mumble grumble mumble*

And then there is Venice...a few days in Venice, to see lace making, glass blowing and make your own mask, yes, make your own mask in Venice Italy.  Oh my, yet another thing, I wanted to do, but only imaged, was to live as an artist in a shop in Venice creating masks.  Wow and here I get to do it on this trip.  I am blessed! God, Thank You!

Venice, Italy...This is now one of my favorite cities on Earth.  It was so beautiful and busy at the same time.
Venice, Italy - because who doesn't want to take a ride in a gondola?
We may even get a gondola ride...yea!

 Piazza San Marco (St Mark's Square), is the principal public square of Venice, Italy
Ca' Macana - Ca'macana

Burano, Veneto, Italy

Can you see me living in this colorful building?
Lido di Jesolo Venice, Italy

We will be staying at this resort.

I am excited and very fortunate to experience this art trip.  I have been wanting to get more involved with art again, and this is a great pathway for it.  Grateful for this.  You would think by going on Pinterest to get these pics has decreased my excitement?  NO WAY!  It is making me bounce off the walls in excitement.

June cannot come fast enough! 

Inspiration is around the corner for more art work from me.


Monday, December 8, 2014

Layer #2

It has been a few days since I've sat infront of this painting.  I have been extremely busy at work,  exhausted from work and tired of the gloomy gray days.
Gladly I found a few hours to dedicate some time for a paint brush to be in my hand.

Here is layer 2.  I am envisioning this to be very detailed with numerous layers of colors and shapes.

I started layer #3 but that would be premature to show you that! 

Love and make art

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Emotions of Colors

The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still. So true for me!
Painting on wood is an old technique but I seldom use wood as a surface.  I happened to discover wood panels on sale at the art store.
Of course I had to include it in my purchase along with new paint brushes and gouache paint.  There are not too many painters that use gouache paint.  Gouache paint is similar to watercolor,  but a little thicker.
Here's the definition of Gouache: Gouache paintings use an opaque watercolor paint that creates a light reflection due to its slight chalky finish. - See more at:
Lately I have been emotional and sensitive which means I need a paint brush in my hand. So out comes my paints and the new supplies. 
I listened to music by the artist Jem and let my flow of thoughts onto the wood panel, while the hot tea cools so I can sip it while painting. As of now the paint needs to dry as I will continue to add layers of shapes and colors.
Do you wonder if I feel better?  Somewhat,  but feel I need to make more art in one of those dream studios.
(I wonder how many layers this one will have until I decide it is a 'finished' painting?!)
Here are some paintings of artists who used gouache:
Across the Campagna, 1872
George Inness (American, 1825–1894)
Watercolor, gouache, and graphite on off–white wove paper; 6 13/16 x 10 5/16 in. (17.3 x 26.2 cm)
Bequest of Susan Dwight Bliss, 1966 (67.55.145
Portrait of the Artist, 1878
Mary Cassatt (American, 1844–1926)
Gouache on wove paper laid down to buff–colored wood–pulp paper; 23 5/8 x 16 13/16 in. (60.1 x 41.2 cm)
Bequest of Edith H. Proskauer, 1975 (1975.319
Untitled, 1990
Moshe Kupferman (Israeli, born Poland, 1926–2003)
Pastel, gouache, graphite, and charcoal on paper; 29 x 42 1/2 in. (73.7 x 108 cm)
Purchase, Avishai and Orly Shachar, George M. Jaffin, Avalon S. Krukin, Mayer Mitchell and Dr. Donald Rothfeld Gifts, in honor of Bertha Urdang, 1992 (1992.301.2
The Shoemaker, 1945
Jacob Lawrence (American, 1917–2000)
Watercolor and gouache on paper; 22 3/4 x 31 in. (57.8 x 78.7 cm)
George A. Hearn Fund, 1946 (46.73.2)
© 2011 The Jacob and Gwendolyn Lawrence Foundation, Seattle / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
Love and Make Art

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Studio Inspiration

I collected more studio inspirations. If only I had the "right" type of house!

Love the window and the cabinet. 

What's not to like in this studio?! 

Big paintings on a studio wall. Now that's artsy

This would be a nice studio to teach art to children. 

I need a table like this!

Look at all of the paint supplies.  Aaah the smells.

Light and more light.

Love and make art