Saturday, August 29, 2015

Painting Journal Entry

This week the art journal consists of painting on journal pages.  The only items needed are:

Art journal
acrylic paint
brushes or anything that resembles something that can be used as a "brush"

Each evening I painted onto a white page of the journal, using colors to express my day or just the mood I was experiencing at that time. instead of a typical paint brush, I used an old plastic card to swipe the paint across the paper.  It adds a cool color mixture when the paint blends together.

This is the final entry. After the entry dried, I used marker and crayon to add detail over the acrylic paint.

The entries below will be done with that same process, however, I have been busy with "life" that this was pushed to the side this week.  Between seeing clients and maintaining my own balance, my days were long at work, with many clients coming in, which is a positive thing, but it was just one of those weeks as a mental health therapist! Some clients used art therapy in the session, which was a nice change to the typical talk therapy session.

Anyway, in time, I will show you the final of these acrylic painting journal entries:


Until next time...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pasting Colors

Art from a journal. 
Supplies: magazine pages, tissue paper, oil pastel, crayon and marker, glue

Used a black marker and closed my eyes and drew onto the paper in a scribble.  Colored in the shapes with oil pastels. then took a magazine picture and cut it up to finish this entry. 

Magazine pasted and used gesso over the magazine page, then took glue and traced some of the lines that was shown through the paint. Let it dry then used crayon, and marker to draw onto it.

Magazine pasted and gesso painted over it, let it dry, then marker and crayon.

Tissue paper pasted over the page

magazine pasted and gesso over paper, crayon and marker over it.

magazine pasted and gesso over, used crayon and marker.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Week of an Art Journal

This is the first full week of dedicating time to an art journal. Unfortunately because of my work schedule, I did not have the mental energy to make any art on a few days.
Below, this was done using a scribble drawing in crayon, then watercolor over it.  I went back on it to add more detail.
This one began with a magazine page that was painted with gesso, I dried it before I worked on.  Then took markers and followed the shapes that was left after the gesso dried.  Then used watercolor to paint in the areas.
Do you see an elephant?  It must be my love of elephants, coming out externally! Such spiritual animals.
"Venus with Men" I guess this is about the Roman Goddess, who encompassed love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and desire. 
Whatever or wherever my head was while making this art journal entry, I really like it. 
 This art journal page was used with a fabric that can be painted on.  I pasted it on the journal page, then took gesso pages of a magazine and pasted it over the fabric. After that was dried, I used a marker and scribbled shapes. Then splattered colors of acrylic paint onto the page and smeared it with a blank paper.
Below are the smeared markings of the above painting.
I have been busy lately, keeping up with every day tasks.  I will return to the art journal, possibly tonight. stay tuned. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Always Tomorrow

This art journal entry used white crayon and water color paint.
First, take the white crayon and scribble onto the paper. I closed my eyes while I scribbled(meditation helps too). Then watercolor over it. 
After the watercolor dried,  I wrote words that came to my mind.

Here's a candle in memory of my aunt. I can't believe it has been a year. Miss my mom too. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Personalizing My Week

This art journal idea was a perfect idea, because of my week and how I had to use every counseling skill ever learned this week.  Wow, is all I can really say.  I am never amazed there is one more case that is unbelievable to the ears.  I never thought to see a case as the one I experienced recently.  Such a small percentage of psychotherapist ever see a client such as this.  And here I am working with this case.  I feel blessed and I feel tired from what my ears heard. 
There are so many remarkable people out there, the resilience is overwhelmingly amazing to witness. I am very proud of my clients.  I am proud to be in this field, but let me to honest, I am beyond exhausted, my ears have heard enough and my brain is running to the max that it is finally slowing down (thanks to the sleep aid).  
So this art journal entry is the fatigue and exhaustion from a challenging week.  The colors are deep and darker than what I use. 
First I used bright colors, then I quickly used dark colors.  Wow, doesn't that show you my emotion?!  There is still a hidden of bright color, just trying to peek out.  Oh my, how this art journal is showing my thoughts and emotion. 
Then I found magazine words to convey a deep meaning.  "Freedom of Personalization."  That statement sums up this week working in the counseling field.  Personalization is taking anything that happens and reflecting it upon yourself.  How many clients said something this week, that I emotionally reacted to in my quiet and demure way?  I never broke down and cried. But I quickly found someone to debrief this week.  And this debriefing continues today.  Only once did I come close to having tears shown, so I am thankful, it is the end of the week.  I get to unwind and let go of these cases for a few days. 
The picture below is my plan for tomorrow.  Except, I am going shopping! My poor spoiled cats don't have any dry food left.
And thank you sleep aid, because sleep is the only productive thing I feel will be successful tonight.
As  always, I work very hard and have no play!  I need to do something about that.
Until the next art journal entry, Good Night.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kiss Upon A Kiss

This is today's entry. To kiss and feel that connection with another. How I crave for that intimacy! 

Maybe one day, a gentleman will actually want to take me out and really want a relationship. Until then, I hide in my art.

My studio, still trying to get it organized. Needless to say, it's my hiding place.
See those white canvases in the corner....I have no idea what I will use them for.
My plan this winter is to finish this painting that's on the wall. (Picture below)

To start this be continued  (I'll show you when I start it) (picture below)

And to finish the last touches on this one.
And it feels good to create.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Art Journal

I began a new journal of art work.  It will comprise of art done in a journal.  These art pieces will range from various thoughts that will be drawn in less than 30 minutes.  It will be my escape to unwind from my day.  The journal may not be drawn in everyday, but that is the goal.
Art journaling is not a new concept, however it has taken a new form.  Some use standard art journals, others use books they find at various stores that is sold very cheap and some will make their own pages and bind it together by sewing the seams.  Currently I am using a standard journal, since I had one already.
As for the media, it is whatever you want.  My first entry used dry medias, crayon and marker. However, an entry can consist of magazine pictures or words, fabric, thread, newspaper, basically any mixed media
Lastly, an art journal is a way to have free expression. Anything goes.  It is not necessarily a journal to sketch the next drawing or painting or sculpture. However, there could be great ideas for a formal painting by using an art journal concept.
This type of technique is used in art therapy.  Since, that is my profession as well as being an artist, this comes natural to me to use this concept to explore more of my thoughts. 
Journal I am using... below is the first entry.
There are many good sites about art journals on Pinterest.