Monday, June 8, 2015

Nature Walk

I was walking my dog this early Monday morning, we came across a beautiful butterfly or is this a moth? I don't know. Well I am not an insect expert, I assume it is a butterfly. I feel blessed to be greeted by this delicate creature.
He gently opened his wings, just so I can take a picture.
Then later, I was walking my dog, and this fellow was still there. All I could imagine, are little feet, big feet, bike wheels and Lord knows what else stomping on him.  "Don't worry my fellow nature friend, I will help you." I felt so sorry for him, is he sick, injured?  So I did what a country girl does, I picked him up and walked him to my courtyard garden.  He is right now there, he is fluttering his wings.  Maybe saying, thank you for taking me to a garden!
Back to art.
 I am drawing Trees. It is truly time for nature in my life.
It has been awhile since I had a graphite pencil in my hand. There's something about drawing that calms me. I am also using color pencils for added texture and depth. (I miss art school).
Here are the pics...
This drawing is from my imagination, I am free drawing it, so as my mind thinks of what to put in this drawing, it will appear.
More to come with this drawing...

Sunday, June 7, 2015


This is a simple peek at the next painting. I sketched it quickly to get the image in my head out onto paper and in color. It will be painted on 24"x36" canvas. But first the canvas needs a few layers of gesso. The paint has been bought and the music is ready. Just need to sit in front of the canvas and get lost in my world.