Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Card Creating

Since this blog is about creating art I thought to share how I made Christmas cards.
It is really simple.  All you need is a little time, a little money and the Christmas spirit.
Plus a few supplies which you can get from a craft store.
☆Cards- they sell a package of cards and envelopes at a craft store
☆ Ribbon-any color or size
☆Craft stickers...not those paper stickers. Find elegant pretty ones to make it special
☆White glue
☆Marker-silver festive
☆First put on Christmas music and get into that holiday cheer...maybe with eggnog or wine or beer! 

☆ start with cutting the ribbon.  I used silver and gold. 

☆Paste it down with white glue...trim it after it dries

☆Place your stickers onto the card. I needed alittle glue to secure it. 

☆You can make various styles...which can be unique for those you are making it for.

Then use that festive marker to write a message to the dear friend you are sending it to.

Send it to them with love ♡♡♡

Love and make art


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