Thursday, November 13, 2014

Let It Snow; Let Me Zentangle

It's snowing today. I feel like breaking into a song, "let it snow let it snow..."
So out comes my art supplies. ..pens and that cute paper I showed in the previous post.
Before I show you I need to entertain my humorous artsy hippy side....God gives us art everyday. I challenge you to look for His artwork everyday.

This morning before I went to work it began to snow.
Inside my home here is a Christmas cactus.  Beautiful art found in a houseplant. Yes, I managed to find a PINK  cactus!  

And now my zentangle and sneak peek at what I'm drawing on those little papers I bought...
more to come. Once I finish about 10 of these! 

Evening snow...look how gorgeous that would be to paint!  The thickness of the snow hanging on delicate green leaves.

While I write this post I have a pumpkin cake in the oven!  Smells delicious. I love to bake,  any chance I get to bake I enjoy it.  Perhaps I'll tell you about this cake next time. 

Love and make art 

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