Saturday, November 15, 2014

Leonardo, your a man after my heart!

"A total commitment is paramount to reaching the ultimate in performance."
How true this quote is! When I think about art and commitment I think about Leonardo Da Vinci.
When I was in art school I painted still life of fruit and bowls etc. and yes, Nudes! OMG how shocking for art school. LOL! 
Below is a painting on black paper, of a model who was NOT in the nude.  (some models refused to model in the nude, but they make more money if they pose in the nude for us crazy artists)
I was rather proud of this painting. Acrylic painting
I tried my hand at portrait painting, it's really difficult.  I prefer not to be a representational painter. But I like the topic of this painting of a mother and child. This is done with oil pastels.
So back to Leonardo, who steals my heart with his perfection and commitment to his skill.  I am not a fan of the Mona Lisa, but had to include it, for the perfection of how he was exact with the location of every part of her.  What do you think she is thinking about?  My thought, "Oh here we go again, more people looking at me in this tiny part of Louvre!, Don't they know I'm claustrophobic?!
gorgeous. .love the light and dark and textures. Look at the fine detail on her sleeve.  Did you even see that before I pointed that out?
light and dark. Look at the light on the kneecap and on the baby.
drapery.  The blending of colors on the red shirt
Perfect painting depicting a "emotional" time
drapery.  Love how clothes can give so many 'colors' in this sculpture! 
Drapery in the hair and shadows in the folds of the clothing, perfection

Commitment to examine the body
If anyone knows me this quote above describes me.  I am a determined woman, artist and won't sit back and let things happen, I tend to get things rolling at some point.   I refuse to give up, especially on what my heart loves.  Didn't I tell you Leonardo has my heart, after all he has a quote about me!  LOL
(All Leonardo Da Vinci pics and quotes are from Pinterest)
 When was the last time you took your time and focus on a commitment?  What commitment was that? A painting, sculpture, sewing, cooking, decorating, writing, blog, work? 
Anyone want to go to a museum with me? Next Post, perhaps...
Love and Make Art



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