Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shall you join me to a museum date...

It is a very cold, let me correct that, a very freezing night in Ohio.  It is 14 degrees which essentially it's zero!  So I am sitting on my sofa, have the coffee pot on and wrapped up in a blanket remembering the times I was in the same room as some of the greatest art and history. 
Sometime long ago I was a little girl who was introduced to art museums.  I fell in love.  It was love at first sight. 
I was thinking, which is not an unusual circumstance, if you know me well I think too much. And that always leads me to trouble.  But this is GOOD thinking,  I promise. I was thinking about all the beautiful art I have seen...so this is my memory lane of museums....
Cleveland Museum Of Art
Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio, I love the renovation, it is so spacious. 

Armour in Cleveland Museum of Art
Armour, has to be the most historic room, could you imagine wearing this? 

"Pontic" Oinochoe, c. 520 BC Italy, Etruscan, 6th Century BC  black-figure terracotta
"Pontic" Oinochoe, c. 520 BC Italy, Etruscan, 6th Century BC black-figure terracotta

Love pottery and Greek and Roman Art, they had style and beauty!

Akron Art Museum by Coop Himmelb(l)au
Akron Art Museum, Akron Ohio
Renovated as well, it is much nicer, spacious and looks like an art museum
Very nice for a small museum

Andy Warhol at the Akron Art Museum
Andy Warhol,
He had some interesting ideas!

paris: musee d’orsay, must go to this museum! #MyTripAdvice photo by alice gao
Musee d'Orsay, Paris France, what can I say?  My favorite.  Gorgons building, gorgeous art, romantic city.

France, Paris, musée du Louvre
Musee du Louvre, Paris France
Can I just live in there, so I can see it all.  It's just too big.  I was overwhelmed.  Gorgeous though.

There's more to show you. Perhaps our next date!

Let me give you a sneak peek of my wishes to see before I am too old to go...

Besides returning to France, to see more art and my dear friend.
I want to see castles, the artistic skills in castles are amazing:

Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland
Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Scottish Castles open to the public

Dublin Castle in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Castle in Dublin Ireland
Guiness gate, Dublin, Ireland-Guinness factory was AMAZING!!!

This is just self-explanatory!  If I am over there, I must stop in for beer, stories and music with the Irish!

Let's go on another date to a museum soon,

Love and Make Art

Pics are from Pinterest

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  1. Lovely evening with you at the museums! I'd love to visit Scotlland.