Friday, November 14, 2014

Evening Art

Tonight I am sitting in my house, thinking about the art that has not been made, the paints that have not been used since August, and my pens and little paper that I just purchased out of sight, wondering how I will get the energy to keep making those little Zentangles. My hand is swollen from having an illness, RA.  So I am temporarily resting my hand.  Which for me to rest is always temporary!  This cold snowy weather causes me to not be myself.  But I have soup in the crock pot, drinking coffee and staying warm until my dog begs to go back outside in the winter wonderland. And cats are all tucked tight sleeping, no surprise there!  I, for some reason rather take a trip around my past art and home and show some of the art that I unbelievably hang for others to see.  Not all is in my home.  I will post more art that I have in my home, but not until later.  Here are my favorites:

Not sure if I want to say this is completed.
the next paintings were done at Kent State University, senior study, I focused on dancers and oil painting


Sunflowers, this has to be my favorite
of course a still life, can't be an artist without painting a still life
And that is my trip around my home of art!
I really need to get back into making art consistently.  If I could quit my day job, I would!
pumpkin cake was delicious, none was left after the agency's luncheon!  I never made this before, so glad to know this recipe is not only simple but tasty.
Love and Make Art

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