Friday, November 21, 2014

Voice Within

My voice within has always been, and still is today, creating art to tell my story.  The art studio was the only place I felt comfortable.  It was a place I could let my thoughts and energy out on the canvas and it was ALRIGHT no matter what I was trying to express.  It was during my undergraduate art school that I decided I wanted to study to be an art therapist. Even though I had future dreams of being that starving artist in New York City, like every artist has.  I knew I was an art therapist already, because I understood and saw for myself how art can heal.  I suddenly found myself in the mental health field, little did I know I would be working primarily as a counselor. However, I still use art therapy with my clients, it is not as I envisioned.  But I will not get into that. 

My experience of being an artist and also an art therapist is: unique.  I consider myself an artist more than a counselor.  Colors, shapes, textures all matter to the painting.  The story is told by those elements.  Most can look at art and find a story. 

Art Therapy is not about the quality or the skill of the artist or creator, it is the story that is captured.

Stories are how we share our life.  Go to any person and ask, "what is your story." they will start telling you something.  Go to any artist and ask them what is your artist mission, they have a story.  Go to any musician and ask what they are composing, they will tell you a story.  Go to anyone and they have a story. 
Combining art and story equals art therapy.  Everyone wants to tell their story.  I told mine since I learned to draw and paint.  I still tell mine in many forms, paint, drawing, cross stitch, writing.  My mind is a swirling creative flow of "stuff," that always needs to get out.  I never stop creating in my head, let alone stop thinking.  Artists are always emotional, therefore story telling is naturally part of the creation.  Everyone is an artist in some way, not all have the uniqueness of being the "Master Artist." 
If you ever wonder if art therapy is real and can heal, go to a museum or better pick up art supplies and start painting.  You will see how it captures your thoughts, emotions, dreams etc.

All art shown is made by Caroline. Quotes are found on Pinterest
To be continued...
Love and Make Art

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