Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thanksgiving Blessings

Tonight it is a night to relax and detox my stress.  Lately, making art has not been the priority.  I brewed myself a Stress Relief Tea and enjoying the flavors, while enjoying a meal that I prepared.  I am ready to start the next step to the little project I am working on...but I can't show you that now, or I will ruin your surprise.

Best crock pot recipe for a roast.  Moist and full of flavor.

While my stomach becomes full and my stress and overwhelmed thoughts decrease...
Christmas has arrived at my house!  I bought these figures today.  I don't have much space to decorate, so it is a challenge.  More so, if you add in the 3 cats and now a dog along with the decorating!

It is fun to bring some Christmas into a home.  Later this week I will be decorating the tree.  The joy of the season is here and it is a special time of the year.
So enough with the food and decorating; here is a sample of the next step to the project. Of course I will eventually show you the completed project, but not until I change my mind a few more times.  And somehow I managed to loose a marker that I specially bought for this project.  I am furious, of course my cranky irritated personality is starting to come back. It has been one of those weeks!  I shall return to the kitchen and pour more stress relief tea!
To summarize:
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I am very blessed and enjoy each person who has been in my life, and each person who will come into my life.  I am blessed to have the skills and creativity to bring beauty to those who are open for love and creativity.  I am blessed for God to guide me and keep me save.  I am very blessed.
What are you blessed for?
Happy Thanksgiving.
More art coming soon,
Love and Make Art,



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